About Us

Located at No. 20 Ada-George road by Okilton junction Port Harcourt in Nigeria.  Visibos Interiors is a design Studio/Showroom, stocking luxury and trendy modern day contemporary design Ideas. Visibos Production is an innovative firm. We are known specifically for Interior Design. We design experience, we offer Training and we provide specialized consulting services for residential and corporate projects. Visibos Production is a full service interior design house that offers individuals and companies assistance in crafting their ideal living and working space.

Our growing collection changes continuously, offering our Students and clients the latest home trends, whether one wishes to redesign an entire space, or seek a timeless feature piece.

Visibos Interiors

The audience for Training and exhibitions of Visibos Interiors has increased widely during the recent years as general awareness and interest in our exclusive Products has developed. Visibos Production has worked with sponsors on a number of Exhibitions, Shows including the Event Show, IC-BEC, Skill Acquisition Programs, Radio & TV programs as well as Solo Interior Design Exhibitions in Port Harcourt, Nigeria.